Parking problem will begin when cars are put into service

Parking problem for cars will start when the Konak tram is activated: When the line taken to Mithatpaşa Street is activated in the Konak phase of the project, the existing parking problem will become an inextricable problem this time. Citizens said that with the activation of the tram, they will not find a place to park their cars.

While the crisis caused by the electronic card change in transportation continued, this time the tram project implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality caused a second crisis. In the Konak district stage of the project, when the line taken to Mithatpaşa Street is activated, the parking problem in the region will become an inexhaustible this time. Citizens said that they will not find a place to park their cars with the activation of the tram.

It was learned that the Metropolitan Municipality had 1990 feasibility studies conducted for the Konak tram from 2003 to 3. In the feasibility study, which was first made during the period of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhan Özfatura in 1990, even the estimated number of vehicles and population of İzmir in 2010 was comprehensively investigated and it was stated that the transportation problem in the region would be solved by increasing the number of articulated buses. In the later 2 feasibility studies, the Metropolitan Municipality decided that there is no need for a tram project.

Saint President did not listen
However, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu implemented the tram project despite previous studies. 12.6 in Konak, KarşıyakaThe tender for the 9.7-kilometer-long tram lines was held in Turkey, and the site was delivered to the company that won the tender last July. The tram line projected on the land side of Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard at the Konak foot was first met with reaction due to the open parking lots and cutting down trees there. Thereupon, the line was taken to Mithatpaşa Street.

Güzelgah change did not bring a solution. The parking lot crisis this time spread from Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard to Mithatpaşa Avenue. The people living in the region where they are at the highest level reacted to the parking problem experienced throughout the city for years. Car drivers who parked on the street, which has the title of the longest street in Izmir and mostly one lane, started to think blackly.

Ayhan Emekli, Head of Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, said, “If the tram will be built to Mithatpaşa, a different order must come there. As a result, the cars that park on that street will be removed when they become trams. Otherwise, it is not possible for the tram to work. For this reason, parking facilities should be created for the residents of that neighborhood to park their cars. Otherwise, the traffic and parking problem in the Mithatpaşa region will increase even more, ”he said.

He said "Murder in Izmir"
The former head of the Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Department, Hanefi Caner, said in his previous statements that the tram project would divide Mithatpaşa Street as well as the parking problem and said "The tram project is murder for Izmir". Caner stated that the traffic problem, which is currently one of the biggest problems of the tram, will increase.

KarşıyakaThe route had changed in
On the other hand, tram line Mavişehir-Karşıyaka the cutting of the palm trees on the coastline came to the agenda, Karşıyakapeople formed a chain of people around the palm trees on the route. As a result of the actions taken by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality stepped back and changed the route of the tram.

Sea breeze on tram
Shades of blue and turquoise were used in the exterior and interior design of the trams, as Izmir is a sea city. The tramway vehicles, whose design work has been completed, will be 32 meters long and with a capacity of 285 passengers. 95 thousand people per day in the Konak line, Karşıyaka 87 thousand people in the line will be moved. 2017 planned to be put into service at the end of the project will cost 390 million pounds.

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  1. Tram and parking are completely different from each other, and these are not necessarily the problem. The source of the problem is actually the local authorities that cannot think about it in time. The last 10-15 is not mentioned here. You have to start looking for the source of the problem by going to a much older one! The natural population of the city, the migration, the changing housing and building and the reactions against it, the measures that must be taken, are all a whole. The plan is not made for today and only for a part of the system, there is a plan of the whole system, the phases of implementation, etc. Come see, as in every job in our country, in the so-called cities of the day of the union ... Y Do you know before the 200YY (eg: sewage, transportation, etc. infrastructure) Do you know a city? Samples against Milan, Paris, Berlin, London N, planning in its entirety 200 - 300 with years of history.
    Mithatpaşa Cad. parking places are one of the city's embarrassment indicators park Trama will solve the problem urgently, parking lots will be exemplary, parking houses are planned and must be done! A complete plan requires this. It is also the duty of local administrations to do what they need!