Bomb panic at İZBAN station

Bomb panic at İZBAN station: Karşıyaka The luggage forgotten at the İZBAN station in the district caused panic. After the detonation of the detonator placed by the bomb disposal experts, clothing items such as trousers and socks came out of the examined suitcase.

Karşıyaka IZBAN Train Station at the entrance of the 12.00 queues yesterday, the police gave notice to those who saw a suitcase. Security strip around the police took measures, bomb disposal experts gave information. Incoming bomb disposal specialist, wearing a special suit placed a detonator on the suitcase. The detonation of the detonator detonated the examination of the suitcase, such as pants and socks, apparel was understood. Police started work to find the person who forgot the suitcase.

Günceleme: 04/12/2018 19:35

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