Southern Ring Road Project in Bolu

Southern Ring Road Project in Bolu: Mayor of Bolu Alaaddin Yılmaz said, “We run an adventure that started 21st step by step and we are holding the tender for the Southern Ring Road Project”.
Yılmaz stated at a press conference in his office that he will bid on the project on 2 July.
Emphasizing that the D-100 highway is planned to be taken out of the city thanks to the project, Yılmaz said, “We worked hard to move the D-100 out of the city. This result is a success for a party that is in power alone, being the mayor of a stable government, to Bolu. Of a stable government, strong conducted a large stability, a great country, 'New Turkey' is the result of policy, "he said.
Yılmaz reminded President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan about this project years ago and said:
“I described the project and asked for support on expropriation. To solve this problem, I made a 2.5 kilometer rough road from Mudcasu to Karacasu road, you know. At that time, you are looking at Bolu in reverse for those who mocked 'Cici Taksi junction', do not get stuck on Cici Taxi. I will say that there will be no talk in the future, but I could not believe it. They tried to shoot us with our horizons. ”
Within the scope of the project, the trucks and trucks could no longer pass through the city, saying:
“Both the city will be freed from heavy vehicles and the traffic density will end. Thus, traffic safety will increase. We will make this a living space by the highways allocating the old road in the city to our municipality. We will completely block the road, green it. The 80 meter wide road will be turned into a 'Green Road' where our people can shop, travel, have fun and do sports. Our Green Road will be 9 kilometers long. And it will be the only recreation area in the world that passes right in the middle of the city. We ran an adventure that started 21st step by step and we are bidding. ”



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