Boğaz Mahallesi is getting overpass

Bogaz Neighborhood Gets Overpass: The pedestrian overpass, which was started to be built in Rize's Bogaz district, was held in order to make it easier for citizens to reach the beach.
The groundbreaking ceremony of the overpass, which was started to be built by the General Directorate of Highways and will integrate the Bosphorus neighborhood with the coast, was held under the coordination of Rize Municipality.
Mayor of Rize, Prof.Dr. Dr. Resat Butcher, Highways 10. Regional Directorate of Rize Branch Manager Ercan Cicek, Rize Municipality apartment managers and residents of the Bosphorus neighborhood attended.
For pedestrians, there is no foot in the middle of the overpass, which is being built on the highway. The view of the pedestrian overpass, which resembles the suspension bridge, will have the appearance of the Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge.
Speaking at the ceremony, Rize Mayor Prof. Dr. Reşat Kasap: “As Rize Municipality, we have brought our projects that we have done desk-based works to the point of implementation. We have been at the point of finding a solution to one of the issues that have been the subject of complaints since the day I took office. We were constantly getting complaints from our citizens that there was not enough connection between the city and the beach. At this point, as the Rize Municipality, we will establish two more connections between the city and the coast as a result of the consultations we have made with our Highways Directorate. One of them will be held in our Bosphorus neighborhood and the other will be held in our Mufti neighborhood in the coming days. In the consultations we have made with our neighborhood residents and headmen, we determine the priority problems of our neighborhoods and act at the point of generating common solutions. This allows us to move faster. We have received the information from the technical team of our authorized company that our overpass will be put into service for our citizens in 1,5 months. I wish good luck to our city and Bosphorus neighborhood ”.
Mayor of Rize, Prof.Dr. Dr. Reşat Kasap went to the construction machine and carried out the first excavation with the operator in the area where the pedestrian crossing will be made.

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