Block trains will carry 20 thousand vehicles per year

The block trains will carry 20 thousand vehicles annually: between the Bremen-Köseköy and Schwertberg-Tekirdağ ports each will run block trains with the capacity of the 204 vehicle.

car train began moving between Turkey and Germany and Austria. As a result of the joint work carried out between TCDD Freight Office and DB Schenker and Rail Cargo, automobile transportation between Germany (Bremen) -Köseköy and Austria (Schwertberg) -Tekirdağ Port was started. 204 vehicle transport capacity of block trains with 20 thousand vehicles will be transported annually.

automobile transportation between Turkey and Germany and Austria started. 204 thousand vehicles will be transported annually by block trains with a capacity of 20 vehicles coming from Germany to Köseköy and from Austria to Tekirdağ Port. Mercedes cars will be transported from Germany to Köseköy and BMW cars from Austria to Tekirdağ Port with the trains that have been successfully run trial runs. Germany and Turkey in the coming days again (Köseköy) will be launched between mutually Hyundai automobile transport. 2015 block of auto spare parts with container transport between France and Turkey was launched. Auto parts are transported with Mega Swap containers from Noisy, France, to Derince by train operated mutually 4 days a week.

Turkey-Russia railway ferry line

capping ramp at the Port of Samsun, dolphin and bogie change facilities completed construction of link roads Turkey's Samsun, combined with Russia's Kavkaz train-ferry line established between the Port of transportation was launched. Up to now, 106 voyages have been made, and 119 tons of cargo have been transported. The ferry, ferry dock, operating permits and port investments required to provide mutual rail transportation between Europe and Asia and the railway-sea transportation connection or combination at Derince and Tekirdağ ports were completed and the train ferry operation between Derince and Tekirdağ was restarted. 505 nettons of freight have been transported in 225 flights carried out so far.

Viking train's route will be extended to Turkey

Klaipeda in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, combined with combining the Odessa railway and harbor transport ilicevsk Viking Train project work is done for an extension to Turkey. The first transport model was developed in February of this year by developing a model of transporting containers from Lithuania to Odessa / Ilyichevsk Port of Ukraine via Viking Train to Haydarpasa or other ports with railway connection via the Black Sea. With the Viking Train, it is aimed to connect Europe to the Middle East and Asia via the TRACECA corridor by the shortest route. Train the Vikings, the railway through Turkey to the Mediterranean, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia connection can be provided.

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