Beşevler metro station flooded after rainfall in the capital

Beşevler subway station flooded after the rain in the capital: After flooding in Ankara, Beşevler subway station flooded. Security guards tried to prevent flooding by dropping sandbags at the entrance to the subway.

In Ankara, the rainstorm, which was effective in the afternoon and lasted about 10 minutes, almost paralyzed life. After precipitation, Beşevler Metro Station flooded. With sudden precipitation, the junction point where the metro is located is filled with water. After a while, the rising waters started to fill the subway underpass.

Officers, to prevent flooding immediately began to stack the sandbag at the entrance of the subway. While the waters were prevented from filling up the subway, the junction point was almost like a pond. The vehicles on the road had difficulty moving forward, some vehicles remained in place. Citizens coming to the subway to the subway to have difficulty in the transition. Ambulances remained in traffic due to heavy rain.

Some citizens tried to capture the moment with their mobile phones. Traffic cops at junction points informed drivers about the traffic density of their destination.

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