Pursaklarda asphalt and patch works in progress

Pursaklarda asphalt and patch work continues: Pursaklar Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, completed many works began in May. 2 thousand tons of asphalt has been thrown and 3 thousand 200 meters are asphalt and pavement.
Pursaklar Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, accelerated the work with the arrival of summer. Roads, pavements and asphalt pavement accelerated the teams, in May 200 meters made new development road, 24 street asphalt patch work completed. Pursaklar Municipality, which is appreciated for its social and cultural activities as well as its infrastructure and development works, conducts meticulous work in the infrastructure of the rapidly growing district. Pursaklar, Saray, Altinova and Sirkeli road, paving and asphalt patch works continued during the summer months of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Pursaklar Municipality teams, Pursaklar continues to work day and night.



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