In Antalya, the cat went under the tram and stopped

Antalya under the tram entered the cat stops under the tram stop: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality due to the introduction of kittens under the tram stop was stopped.

At the 17.30 races, a kitten entered under the tram. On the street where there is heavy traffic learned that belonged to a kitten who came under the tram, Vatman, immediately cared.

The cat, which was tried to be taken out from under the tram for a while by Vatman and private security guards, was asked for help from the Fire Department of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Despite the efforts of firefighters and animal lovers for minutes, the cat could not be taken out.


When the tram could not move due to the cat could not be done for a while. It was informed that the people who had accumulated in the stops had been canceled by the officers and the flights were canceled. Tramways were continued unilaterally after about half an hour.


Since it was close to the ground, no one could get under the trolley and the chicken was put on the cat to eat. For the cat who did not approach the meat, this time it was brought to age, but it was not. Firefighters and animal lovers who tried to see the only sounded cat with a mirror and an iron bar, struggled to get out of the mobile phone by listening to the sound of the cat. Finally the water was squeezed by the fire department from under the tram. With the water squeezed about 2 hours later, the kitten went out and entered the hotel with his house. The owners did not allow the kitten to appear in the nest. After the completion of the cat rescue operation, tram lines were restarted mutually.



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