Afsin municipality is making hot asphalt in Altunelma neighborhood

Afşin municipality is making hot asphalt in Altunelma district: It has been reported that with the opening of the asphalt season of the Afşin municipality of Kahramanmaraş, hot asphalt coating works have started in the Altunelma district.
The Mayor of K. Maraş Afşin Mehmet Fatih Güven, who examines the works on site at every opportunity; “As Afşin Municipality, we continue to work at full speed on asphalting as in many other areas. After the hot asphalt pavement work carried out on the university road area recently, we and our teams completed the median afforestation works in our Altunelma neighborhood with the improvement of the weather. Now, we started the coating process with the start of the asphalt season, which we started in the winter months in our neighborhood. We completed the one-way asphalt coating process and opened it to traffic. I hope we will continue with the other part in the coming days. 6 thousand meters of asphalt will be laid on approximately 6 thousand 2 meters of road with 400 meters of departure and 8 meters of arrival in total. We hope that this road will be fully opened to the service of our neighborhood residents as soon as the last process is completed ”. Asphalting works will start soon in Afşin Center; Stating that various works are continuing in every field and that they will increase rapidly, Mayor Güven continued his speech as follows; “You know that there are infrastructure works initiated by our Metropolitan Municipality in the center, therefore the entire district has turned into a construction site and everywhere is a construction site. Therefore, our roads and neighborhoods continue to work in almost everywhere. Our Asphalt and parquet coating works will start in places where our Metropolitan Municipality has completed its work. We make our stock of materials and our preparations are complete. Our teams are ready to intervene in our locations, which have finished without waiting for the completion of the network renewal works. We hope that there will be no untouched avenues and streets in Afşin. Our efforts to become a brand new and green Afşin will continue ”.

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