Why is Adapazari suburb train not active

Adapazarı suburb train is not active: Adapazarı train has been activated in the new year, but how?

The last stops were Adapazarı and Haydarpaşa, now Arifiye- Pendik Ad

Formerly Hereke, Derince, Gulf, Dilovasi, Köseköy stopped at stops, now does not stop. Formerly the 30 stop at the station, now 5 stops at the stop.

In the past, there was a monthly subscription yet…

There is a discount on the return ticket, but no monthly subscription application

Formerly 12 going 12 return trip per day was done.

Currently 4 going 4 return voyage is going on.

The suburban train operating between Gebze and Haydarpaşa is still inactive.

Traffic accidents don't end al

What was the benefit of the public?

The fastest train price for 50 TL bus 35 TL for Ankara if you train fast.

Also Binali Yildirim had said that the fast train will move a thousand people a day 50 at the groundbreaking ceremony. Currently, 5 can be transported by a thousand people.

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