Why not take the HRS instead of Bursa Bus Terminal Line

Bursa Bus terminal line to replace HRS tram: Recently (10 in June) between the city center on the road between Yalova and Bursa city bus terminal was held between the tram tender.
While we were working in local administrations in Bursa between 1989-1994, in 1992, we had the study of the city of Bursa in German Ober Mayer firm.

This transportation study revealed that the most feasible public transportation vehicle would be the Light Rail System in the urban traffic.
According to this feasibility, the light rail system project (BHRS) was built by the same company. The west and south-north distribution points of the system were determined as minus 2 elevation in the old power plant garage.

The system would extend to the Pass on the Mudanya road in Nilüfer and to the Uludağ University on the Izmir road. One of these lines to the University has been completed, but on the way to Mudanya, he stayed at Emek.

In the east, some of the deficiencies reached to the town of Kestel.

During this period, however, the plan changes were made in the former power plant garage, which is the intersection of the HRS project, and our project has been changed and this place has also had its share of shopping malls that have been brought to the present city square-freak.

The HRS stop (Osmangazi) was shifted to the east.

Our project will be the distribution of the rail system at the stall at the minus 2 in the old power station garage, the historical and cultural values ​​of our city will be exhibited on the minus elevation and it will be arranged on the ground floor as the recreation area that the region needs.

A line from this distribution point would be connected to the bus station as HRS.

However, in the new transportation master plan of Bursa which was started in 2010 and completed in 2012, it was accepted to connect this line by tram instead of HRS, and despite all our efforts and efforts, this decision has not changed.

It is not possible to carry this population with a very limited transportation capacity if the 20-25 is feasible and the population density on this route is increasing due to trade and housing.

Besides, both the official institution, commercial and housing increases on this axis continue rapidly. In addition, while removing the HRS system and putting the tram in place, Demirtaş OSB just opposite the bus terminal and the current and future population projection in the settlement should be taken into consideration.

For all these reasons, it will not be possible to solve the public transportation problem by tram, but it will be very short of time.

In our opinion, the necessary changes should be made in the transportation master plan by canceling the tram tender and this line should be transformed into HRS as in the first project.

If this is not done, the question of whether the ground for the local tram is being prepared can come to mind.

Source: Ziya Güney - I www.bursadabugun.co



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