Metrobus sting at 30 stall

📩 06/12/2018 17:48

30 stop Metrobus sting: Metrobüsün Beylikdüzü-Söğütlüçeşme Between the 44 stop one by one. We used the map of elevators, escalators and ramps used for landing and exit. Conclusion: There is distress at about 30 stop.

The complaints about the metrobus, which has become the lifeblood of public transportation and carries 700 thousand people a day, never ceases. The density of the vehicles, especially the overcrowding at peak hours, is now a chronic problem and there are also stations. In other words, the problem of reaching the stops ... The majority of the messages related to the metrobus coming to the Complaint Line constitute the transportation part to these stations. I can clearly say that the situation is not at all brilliant, especially for the elderly and the disabled. There are so many stops on the escalator that there are no escalators or elevators, no ramps, no elevators, and the escalator never stops. also assumed. Can Mete from the Complaints Line team visited 44 metrobus stops between Beylikdüzü and Söğütlüçeşme one by one and determined the status of elevators and escalators. Result; Except for Söğütlüçeşme, which is the first stop on the Anatolian side, there are no escalators, elevators or even ramps at any stop. Approximately 44 of the 14 stops can say that there is no problem, the remaining ones have either an elevator, a walking staircase is defective or none at all. Some stops have none. Here are the analysis of 44 metrobus stops…

-Beylikdüzü Last Stop: Most regular metrobus stop, no problem.

-Hadımköy: There are escalators and elevators and it works.

-Cumhuriyet Mahallesi: There are escalators and elevators.

-Beylikdüzü Municipality: No elevator and escalator, there is a ramp.

-Beylikdüzü: Elevator and escalators are intact. No problem.

-Güzelyurt: No escalators and ramps but elevators are intact.

-Haramidere: No ramp but escalators and elevators are intact.

-Haramidere Industry: No ramp, elevator is intact, escalator is broken.

-Saadetdere neighborhood: There are no ramps and escalators but there are elevators and they are intact.

-Mustafa Kemal Pasha: There is no ramp, the elevators are broken, there is escalator and it is intact.

-Cihangir University Quarter: There are escalators and elevators, no problems.

-Avcılar University: No ramps, escalators and elevators are intact.

- Sukrubey: There's a ramp, no escalators.

-IBB Social Facilities: No escalators and two elevators are broken.

-Küçükçekmece: No escalators, no lift and no ramp.

-Cennet Neighborhood: Underpass, escalator and elevator. (There is a lift to the elevator.)

-Floria: There is a ramp in the direction of Ankara. There is no escalator, the elevator is in the direction of Edirne but it is broken. (Longest stop and very steep ramp.)

-Easy: There is a ramp, no escalator, the elevator is broken.

-Sefaköy: No ramp, escalator and no elevator.

-Yenibosna: Only the ramp.

-Kirinevler: Escalator, no ramp. There is no lift in the direction of Edirne.

-Bahçelievlar: No escalators, no ramps, but elevator construction started.

-Interactive: There is a ramp but no lift and escalator.

-Zeytinburnu: No escalators and no lift. There's a ramp.

-Merter: No escalators, no lift and no ramp.

-CevizliBond: no escalator, one of the elevators is broken.

-Topkapı: No escalators and no lift, no ramps.

-Bayrampaşa-Maltepe: No escalators, no lift and no ramp.

-Edirnekapı: No escalators and ramps, but there is an elevator.

-Ayvansaray-Eyup Sultan: There are no regulations.

-Halıcıoğlu: There is an elevator. No problem.

-Room: Only the ramp.

-Darella-Perpa: There is only ramp.

-Omeseydanı Hospital: Nothing.

- Calling: Only the elevator. No problem.

-Mecidiyeköy: Only the escalator.

-Railstone: Only the stairs.

- Bosphorus Bridge: Only stairs.

-Burhaniye: Only stairs.

-Altunizade: What elevator, what escalator, what the ramp.

-Acıbadem: There is no regulation for disabled people.

- Longs: Only the stairs.

-Fikirtepe: Nothing. (Long between the stop and the stairway leading to the stop)

-Students: As there is a straight stop, there is no need for a ladder or any other arrangement.

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