The Gospel of Zigana Tunnel

The Gospel of Zigana Tunnels: The Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Isik said that they will soon tender the Zigana tunnel and said: Bakanı When you land at Trabzon Airport, you will reach Gumushane in 45 minutes. Our goal is to open the 3-4 latest service within the year, Hedef he said.
'6. Gümüşhane Promotion Days lend event was organized. Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık, MHP Istanbul 2. Regional Candidate candidate Celal Adan, Gümüşhane Governor Yücel Yavuz, Gümüşhane Mayor Ercan Çimen, AK Party deputy candidates, businessman Aydın Doğan, many NGO representatives and Gümüşhaneli citizens attended the event.
In his speech, Minister Işık said, ız We are the people of a city where we will be proud of in every way. This Gumushane city is such a city that it gives its life to its nation, for its people, for its flag, for its prayer, without blinking for its values. For him, the son of martyrs martyred son of Gümüşhane. Gümüşhane took its name as Gümüşhane because of its silver beds. He took his name as Gümüşhane due to his gold deposits. But believe that there is a more valuable than silver from the bottom of Gumushane. He is also human. ”
Stating that the love of Gümüşhane in his heart has never decreased, Minister Işık said, gis Spiritual values ​​are very important for us. The values ​​that make us a nation, especially for us, are very important. Gumushane is one of the provinces with their own values ​​most in Turkey. Of course, we are making the promotion days here in Gumushane. There are two main goals here. One of them is the fusion of the meeting of our citizens in Gümüşhane. One of them, especially the children of people who know each other to get to know each other, '' he said.
Zigana tunnel will soon tender to the Minister who expressed the Light, iğ When you land in Trabzon Airport 45 minutes to reach Gumushane. Our goal 3-4 will be in service at the latest within the year. Hopefully we will reach Gumushane by train from Istanbul and from there to Trabzon. Preparing projects. I hope that this tender will be done in the next process and we will see the fast train in Gumushane Ön.
Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık, who visited the stands after his speech, chatted with a tradesman at a stand and ate the pie. Then the Minister made a souvenir photo with the citizens.

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