Weekly Railway Traffic Volume Increased in the US

Weekly Rail Traffic Volume in the US Increased: The total volume of rail transport in the US by 2 was the 0,2 bin 565 wagon with 787 increase by 4,8 compared to the same week last year. According to the data released weekly by the US Association of Democrats (AAR), freight transport by car in the same period was 283 bin 91 with 5,7 decrease, while Intermodal transported by 282 to 696 bin 2,3. In the same week, rail transport in Canada was 143 thousand 722 wagons, with 1,6 declining by 24, while 918 0,4 wagons were reduced by 734 in Mexico. Thus the total rail transport of North America was 427 bin XNUMX with a decrease of XNUMX.

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