Get ready for the space age country

📩 03/12/2018 17:42

Get ready for a space-age country: Turkey is now the world 17. the great country is looking for a breakthrough in science, technology, education and health to enter the first 10. National warships, helicopters and aircraft that the AK Party, Turkey is preparing to move into the space of xnumx't. The opposition has not passed 2023 February.

High-speed train, offshore airport, submarine subway met with Turkey, indigenous fighter aircraft, warships, combat helicopters, tanks native, indigenous unmanned aerial vehicle and will meet with domestic cars.

  • Up to 2023, two nuclear power plants will be taken into service and energy dependency will be finished.
  • Technology will be made by the Turkish Space Agency with domestic satellite. Up to 2023 in space, the 2 will rise to the native 7 and cover from the West to East China.
  • 4G and 5G technology will be launched on the Internet. The localization rate in informatics will be increased to 2019 at 25 and to 2023 at 50.
  • Until 2019 Marmaray II, Izmir-Istanbul highway, 3. Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul to 3. Airport, Kanal Istanbul and Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train projects will be completed.
  • 18 especially with the new highway will provide Turkey's North-South transport connection speed road.
  • In order to remove university exams, the last two classes in high schools will be included in the l preparation for higher education m system.

  • All schools, including kindergartens, will be full-time.

  • Successful students in need of scholarships, all other students who demand credit will be given.

  • In education, the pre-primary education in 81 will be covered by compulsory education. Foreign language education will also be started in preschool.

  • For all provinces, the number of students per classroom will be the highest in urban and rural areas.

  • In 2023, Turkish universities will be established in many countries.

  • In 22 province, giant city hospitals with 38 thousand beds will be established.

  • Tobacco, alcohol, drugs and other substance use will be reduced.

  • The farmers will be given 2015 billion liras in cash support in 10.

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