UTİKAD Signed Global Principles

UTIKAD Signed Global Principles: The roof organization of the Logistics and Transport sector The Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers UTİKAD became one of the parties to the United Nations Global Compact with the goal of a sustainable logistics culture.

UTIKAD, participating in the Global Compact Turkey's Sustainable Supply Chain Working Group, kazanIntroduced the “Sustainable Logistics Document”, which he developed, and explained what can be done on a global scale.

UN Global Compact, which is the most common sustainability platform in the world with its more than 12 thousand signatures, carries out its activities at the international level with its 10 principles and the vision of "sustainable and comprehensive global economy" in four main areas titled human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption.

UTIKAD, which puts the future of the logistics sector at the forefront in all its fields of activity, carried its sustainability efforts to the world wide and signed the United Nations Global Compact. Having the title of Turkey's first 'Green Office' certified non-governmental organization with the awareness of respect for society and the environment, UTIKAD continues its activities by adopting the principles of sustainable development with a holistic perspective. In this context, products within the framework of sustainable development approach in all dimensions, from education to insurance, from environment to personnel management, are offered to its members and the sector. kazanyelling.

Sustainable Logistics Certification, Sustainable Supply Chain Global Compact Introduced in Turkey Working Group Meeting

Finally, for the logistics sector with an international independent certification and auditing firm Bureau Veritas cooperation "Sustainable Logistics Certificate" to prepare UTIKAD, to make a plan compatible with the future today and study the logistics industry in this document that are implemented in order to deepen in some Global Compact Turkey's Sustainable Supply Chain Study Also introduced in the group. Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD), representing UTIKAD the meeting that took place in Turkey, where it houses the secretariat of the Global Compact's CEO and Executive Vice President Özkay Cavite Ugur Ozen attended.

In his presentation, Uğur explained that the companies in the logistics and transportation sector informed about sustainable growth. Alar The works carried out within the scope of the Sustainable Logistics Document help companies reduce the risks in the supply chain and provide a competitive advantage in the market. Thanks to the interim inspections carried out after receiving the document, a strong and sustainable brand image is provided with the continuously increasing quality control. Belge

October xnumx't by UTIKAD during the FIATA World Congress held in Istanbul early on in Turkey and in the world "Sustainable Logistics Certificate" field Ekol Logistics during the meeting included an overview about the work in this direction, the Global Compact's sustainable supply chain of this document The contributions to his work were evaluated.

Cavite Ugur, UN Global Compact expressed that they were proud to have signed the Convention, the Global Compact had spent the UTIKAD's life with Turkey through and carrying first of its kind in the world "Sustainable Logistics Certificate" should domestically in both logisticians abroad wider audience in the FIATA within the world federation He added that he will have the opportunity to meet with.


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