Triangle Interchange Arrangement Will Start in Denizli

Triangle Interchange Arrangement in Denizli to begin: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, inter-city highways at the intersection of the intersection planned to be made at the Junction Junction said this year will begin.
Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan stated that the planned arrangement will be started this year at Üçgen Junction, which is the intersection of intercity highways.
A ceremony was held in Delikliçınar Square due to the Highway Traffic Safety Week. Governor Şükrü Kocatepe, Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan and many guests attended the ceremony, which started with a cortege from Denizli Governorship to Delikliçınar Square.
In recent years, he made double road of both the flow of traffic in the country in Turkey, as well as the President Zolan speech stating that contributed a lot at the point of ensuring traffic safety, the entire city with no Denizli metropolitan that there are ways that metropolitan jurisdiction isöyle. President Zolan stated that the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) was established under the metropolitan roof, where decisions were made regarding the transportation of Denizli.
Emphasizing that traffic is very important, President Zolan said, “Our roads are suitable, our vehicles are state of the art but we have only one shortcoming. Failure to obey traffic rules, neglect and carelessness. As a result, unfortunately some unwanted pains are experienced. First of all, we need to choose our life instead of the second, minute bustle. We need to leave tears behind. We can achieve very heavy results by acting very hastily. ”
Explaining that they have built the traffic education track for children as a metropolitan city, traffic education is given here, President Zolan said, “We are trying to eliminate the risks with many road arrangements in our city. We try to eliminate the risk of accidents with junction regulations. We strive to attract and alert our citizens with traffic signs. There is a lot of demand for Üçgen Junction. The arrangement of the rate will begin this year. The project has reached the final point ”.
Governor Kocatepe and President Zolan visited the stands set up in Delikliçınar Square and received information from the authorities.
During the ceremony, the students who were ranked in the paintings, compositions and poetry competitions organized for the Road Traffic Safety Week, and the best drivers of the year were awarded with the successful members of the gendarmerie and police.

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