Tüvasaş Deputy General Manager Öztürk Description

Tüvasas Acting Director General Ozturk Description: Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) Deputy General Manager Hikmet Ozturk, German VOITH firmasınca jointly transmission repair shops have established would reduce dependence on foreign sources, reported in terms of local employment and technology will provide significant added value to the country.

Ozturk, TÜVASAŞ Bogie Transmission Maintenance Workshop at the opening of the factory, widely used in rail vehicles originating in Germany VOITH brand turbo transmission and gearbox in Turkey as many imported products can be made locally, he said.

Technological sense, much more complex product than turbo gearboxes basic maintenance and repair of structures can be advanced a workshop stated that they provide for the establishment of TÜVASAŞ site Ozturk, "Here, Turkey railway sector in the maintenance, repair and partly to minimize dependence on foreign issues such as production, local employment and It will provide serious added value to our country in terms of technology. Our orders prior to the establishment of the workshop were provided in about 8 weeks due to customs and transportation, while this period decreased to 2 weeks, contributing significantly to our cost. ”




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