Turkey's Very High Speed ​​Train Has Been Launched

Siemens Sets Fetching YHT received from Germany to Turkey
Siemens Sets Fetching YHT received from Germany to Turkey

Turkey's Very High Speed ​​Train Unveiled: Ankara, Eskişehir, Konya and Istanbul-speed lines, offering safe and comfortable travel services TCDD, it is expanding its High Speed ​​Train fleet.

The first of the 7 Multi-Speed ​​Train, which was ordered to Germany by TCDD and completed the test drive to be used in the existing and future YHT lines, was put into service in Ankara-Konya line on 23 May Saturday. The train took its first passengers from Ankara to 08.55 and moved to Konya.

The new YHT produced in Germany was first brought to TÜVASAŞ facilities in Sakarya and painted in turquoise color. After the dyeing process and the completion of the test drives, the commercial passengers started their voyages.


A survey was carried out via the TCDD website on the colors of the HRCs that will be operated on the lines that are currently operated and planned to be opened in the future.

As a result of the survey that attracted great attention, the choice of the people of eight different colors was in favor of the turquoise color. According to the preferences of the people of the new YHT turquoise color.


YHT, put into service between Ankara and Konya, has a capacity of 8 wagons and 444 passengers. Of the passenger seats, 111 are Business Class and 333 are Economy Class. Business departments are designed as 2 + 1, Economy departments are designed as 2 + 2.

The YHT set also includes 16 seating capacity restaurants, 2 wheelchairs, passenger informational monitors on carriage ceilings, and internal telephones to communicate with personnel in areas for persons with disabilities.

In the YHT set, which increased the service quality even in the travels between Ankara and Konya, travel safety was kept in the forefront with speed and comfort. The high-tech YHT set, capable of speeding up to 320 per hour, is equipped with high security systems as well as existing YHT sets.


The first passengers of the new YHT, which came into service between Germany and Ankara, also expressed their thoughts.

Soydan Görgülü, who is a civil servant in Ankara and also a student of Konya Selçuk University Faculty of Law, stated that he has been traveling between Ankara and Konya by YHT for two years due to his superior comfort as well as fast and short arrival.

Görgülü said that he bought internet tickets for YHT as usual,, I received a message that the train can be changed after I bought a ticket, but I did not know how to train. When I came to get on the train, I ran into a train that was different from the previous ones. I also learned that I was the first passenger to take this train. I like the new train with its color, appearance and comfort. I would like to thank TCDD for providing quality service to passengers. I also want to spread YHT lines, Ayrıca he said.


Pakistani Ejaz Rasool, who said that they came to Ankara as an 18-person police team for training, said that they went from Ankara to Konya to visit Mevlana and said, “This is the first time we get on the High Speed ​​Train. The train is very comfortable. Fast and comfortable. We want the same trains to be in our own country, Pakistan. ” he spoke.


The new High Speed ​​Train, which was put into service between Ankara and Konya; 08.55, 13.30 and 18.20 hours from Konya departures; 11.20, 15.50 and 21.15 hours are available.



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