TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate Contract Engineer Examination and Appointment Regulation



Purpose, Scope, Basis and Definitions

ARTICLE 1 - (1) The purpose of this Regulation is; TULOMSAS General Directorate of National Train Project and Construction 399 to be assigned to the Decree Law Decree (Decree) contracted engineer positions to be appointed for the first time open to the conditions to be searched, the way of the entrance examinations, the implementation of the examination and the Commission will determine the principles and procedures.


ARTICLE 2 - (1) This Regulation shall be the first to be assigned to the contracted engineer positions subject to the Decree Law no. 399 to be assigned in the project and manufacturing of the Locomotive, Wagon and other National Railway vehicles under the National Train Project within the scope of the National Train Project. It covers.


ARTICLE 3 - (1) This Regulation has been prepared based on the article 22 of the Decree Law No. 1 of 1990 / 399 / 8.


(1) In this Regulation;
a) General Manager: The General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ,
b) General Directorate: TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate,
c) Entrance Exam: The examination which consists of written and oral sections between the candidates who have enough score determined by the Directorate General according to the results of KPSS (B), in order to determine who will be assigned to the contracted engineer position subject to the Decree Law no. 399,
ç) KPSS (B): (B) to be assigned to the staff of the Group, Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) made by the Public Personnel Selection Exam,
d) KPSSP3: Public Personnel Selection Exam score 3,
e) Examination Commission: It refers to the Engineering exam commission.


Principles of Entrance Exam Formation of examination commission
ARTICLE 5 - (1) The Examination Commission is chaired by the Assistant General Manager to be assigned by the General Manager; 5 members of the Board of Directors of the other members shall be composed of five principal members, who shall be determined by the General Manager from among the Heads of Engineers or Factory Managers. In addition, if four substitute members are identified by the General Manager from those specified in this paragraph and the main members cannot participate in the Examination Commission for any reason, the substitute members shall participate in the Examination Commission in the order of their determination.

(2) Chairman and members of the Examination Committee; they cannot take part in the examinations of their spouses, even if they are divorced, their spouses, or their relatives or sons up to the second degree (including this degree) and up to the second degree (including this degree). In this case, the members are replaced by an alternate member.

The duties of the examination commission

ARTICLE 6 - (1) The Examination Commission is authorized and authorized to determine the issues to be included in the announcement of the Entrance Exam, to carry out the examination, to finalize and review the objections and to carry out other related examinations.

(2) The examination committee convenes with the full number of members and takes decisions by majority of votes. No voting shall be exercised during voting. Those who do not participate in the decision must indicate their votes against the reasons.

Entrance examination

ARTICLE 7 - (1) Assignment of the engineer positions specified in the article 2 with the Entrance Exam. The entrance exam is conducted by the Examination Commission at times deemed appropriate by the General Directorate according to the vacant position and the need. Entrance Examination consists of written and oral exams.

(2) Examination Commission, if it deems it appropriate to take the written exam Measurement, Selection and Placement Center, Universities and Ministry of National Education or other public institutions and organizations specialized in this field can also. In this case, the examination will be determined by the protocol between the Directorate-General and the institution where the examination will be conducted.

Entrance exam announcement

ARTICLE 8 - (1) Conditions for participation in the Entrance Exam, form of the exam, date and place of exam, KPSSP3 minimum score, place and date of application, application form, documents required for application, place of application documents, exam subjects, number of positions planned to be assigned deemed necessary by other considerations least Turkey highest first five newspaper circulation published in general with the Official Gazette before thirty days from the date of the examination to be published by giving ads in at least two, also announced by being posted on the web page of the State Personnel Department with the General Directorate.

Entrance exam requirements

ARTICLE 9 - (1) Those who wish to attend the Entrance Exam must meet the following requirements:
a) To carry the general conditions stated in Article 399 of the Decree Law 7,
b) To graduate from the engineering departments mentioned in the Entrance Examination announcement according to the needs of the General Directorate of Higher Education Institutions approved by the Council of Higher Education or the equivalence of Faculties or Higher Education Council,
c) As of the deadline has not expired KPSSP3 score type, the minimum score specified in the announcement of the entrance exam.

Entrance exam application procedures

ARTICLE 10 - (1) The application for the Entrance Exam can be done via the internet in person or by post or by the address specified in the announcement.

(2) Candidates wishing to participate in the Entrance Exam will add the following documents to the application form to be obtained from the Head Office Personnel Office or General Directorate's website;

a) The original or certified copy of the diploma or graduation certificate (original or certified copy of the diploma equivalency certificate for those who have completed their education abroad),
b) Computer output of KPSS result document,
c) Curriculum vitae,
ç) Three passport photographs.
(3) The documents listed in the second paragraph must be submitted to the General Directorate until the end of the application. These documents may be approved by the Head Office Personnel Office provided that the original documents are submitted.
(4) In the applications made by post, the documents in the second paragraph must have reached to the General Directorate until the application deadline stated in the Entrance Examination. The delays in the mail and the deadline for application are not taken into consideration.
(5) The work and procedures related to the Entrance Exam given in this Regulation shall be carried out by the Personnel Department.

Evaluation of applications

ARTICLE 11 - (1) The Directorate of Personnel Office examines the applications made within the prescribed period for the exam and determines whether the candidates meet the requirements. Applications that do not have any of the required conditions are not taken into consideration.
(2) Candidates who meet the required conditions are subject to a ranking starting from the candidate who gets the highest score from KPSSP3 score type specified in the announcement and not exceeding twenty times the number of positions planned to be made. As for KPSSP3 score type, the candidates who have the same score with the points received by the last candidate are called for the Entrance Exam. The names and surnames of the candidates who entered the ranking and the examination places are announced by the announcement on the website of the Head Office at least ten days before the entrance exam. In addition, no written notification is given to the candidates.
(3) The documents related to the application for those who do not meet the application requirements will be delivered to them within thirty days from the announcement of the names list for those who can participate in the Entrance Exam.

Written exam and topics

ARTICLE 12 - (1) The written exam questions of the Entrance Exam are prepared from the professional field information stated in the Entrance Exam.
(2) Exam questions will be announced which will be the subject of the exam questions. (3) Evaluation of the written exam is done over a hundred full points. In order to be successful in the exam, it is necessary to get at least seventy points.

Call the oral exam

ARTICLE 13 - (1) Candidates who received at least seventy points from the written exam in one hundred and ten points; In order to start from the highest score in the written exam, four times more than the number of positions planned to be assigned (including those who get equal points with the last candidate), the date and place of the oral examination are announced on the website of the General Directorate.

Oral examination

ARTICLE 14 - (1) Candidates in the oral examination;
a) Subjects related to the field of activity of the General Directorate together with the subjects mentioned in the announcement of the Entrance Exam,
b) Comprehending and summarizing a subject, ability to express and reasoning power,
c) Qualification, representation ability, suitability of behavior and reactions to the profession,
d) General ability and general culture level,
d) The openness to scientific and technological developments shall be evaluated on the basis of a total of fifty points for fifty, (b) to (d) sub-paragraphs for (a). The scores given by each member of the Examination Commission are recorded in the minutes separately, and the scores of the faculty members' face-to-face score are taken as arithmetic average and the oral exam score of the staff is determined. Those who have scored at least seventy points in the oral exam are considered successful.

Announcement of entrance exam results and objection to exam results

ARTICLE 15 - (1) Examination Commission; thirty percent of the written exam, 30 percent of the KPSSP3 score and 30 percent of the oral exam grade; prepares the final success list. The Examination Commission determines the number of reserve candidates required among the candidates who are successful in the competition examination. In the case of the ranking of the main and reserve lists, if the candidate's Entrance Exam score is equal, the candidate with a high written score is equal to the candidate with a high score of KPSSP3. priority is recognized. The list of successes determined by the Examination Commission is sent to the Personnel Department.
(2) Success list will be announced on the bulletin board and on the website of the General Directorate. In addition, the results of the successful candidates are notified in writing.
(3) The examination committee can be challenged within seven days of the announcement of the exam results. Appeals are examined by the Examination Commission within seven working days after the expiry of the appeal period and before the oral examination date. As a result of the objection, the applicant shall be notified in writing.
(4) Final success list is announced by the Examination Commission within seven working days following the last day of the oral examination.
(5) Having a score of seventy or more in the Entrance Exam does not constitute a vested right for candidates who cannot enter the ranking. If the number of successful candidates is less than the number of positions announced, only successful candidates will take the exam. kazanis accepted. Being on the reserve list is for candidates for further exams. kazanIt does not constitute a vested right or any priority right.


ARTICLE 16 – (1) Exam kazanThe exam results of those who are found to have made false statements or given documents in the exam application form will be deemed invalid and their appointments will not be made. Even if their assignments have been made, they will be cancelled. They cannot claim any rights.
(2) Criminal complaints are made to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor about those who are found to have misrepresented or given documents.

Storage of examination documents

ARTICLE 17 - (1) The documents related to the examination of the assignments, the relevant files in the relevant files; For those who are unsuccessful and those who cannot be appointed for any reason, the examination documents are kept by the Personnel Office until the next exam.


Assignment to the Engineer Position and Notification

ARTICLE 18 - (1) The following documents are requested from the candidates who are successful in the Entrance Exam to be assigned to the position of contract engineer subject to the Decree Law No. 399;
a) A written statement of the absence of military service by male candidates,
b) Six passport photographs,
c) Written statement of the criminal record;
d) A written declaration stating that the clause 399 of 7 is in accordance with the clause (d) of the first paragraph of Article XNUMX,
d) Declaration of goods,
e) Ethics contract,
f) Social Security Institution information, if any.

Assignment to a contracted engineer position

ARTICLE 19 – (1) Entrance Exam kazanThe appointment procedures to the contracted engineer positions subject to Decree Law No. 399 are initiated by the Personnel Department.
(2) Assignments of those who do not submit the required documents within the deadline shall not be made.
(3) The relevant provisions of the Decree No. 399 and the provisions of 657 and 62 of the Civil Servants Law No. 63 shall apply to commence the appointment of contracted engineers.
(4) The entrance exam in order to succeed in those who did not start the task and those who left for a variety of reasons instead of the results of the exam results for six months from the date of the entrance exam can be made by taking into account the success of the reserve list.

Notification ARTICLE 20 - (1) The entrance exam is successful and information about the appointments are notified to the Undersecretariat of Treasury and State Personnel Presidency within thirty days via e-application system.


Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

ARTICLE 21 - (1) In cases not stipulated in this Regulation, the provisions of the Decree Law No. 399, the Civil Servants Code no.


ARTICLE 22 - (1) This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.


ARTICLE 23 - (1) The provisions of this Regulation are executed by TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager.


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