Both thermal spa and ski resort

Both thermal spa and ski resort: Gediz Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu explained the big transformation in the district. Saraoğlu plenty of oxygen and famous for its healing waters founded the Murat Mountain ski resort said it was a first in Turkey

Gediz district, which is located at a distance of 90 to Kütahya, has become a shining star of the city in the last years. The Mayor of Gediz made this return. Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu told his work in the district about SABAH Anatolia. President Saraoğlu said: iz As Gediz Municipality, we are in the joy of realizing the expectations of our people by using the resources provided by our government rationally. Başkan President Saraoğlu pointed out that the AK Party government started the split road works started on the Gediz-Kütahya route in the scope of the double roads launched throughout the country. The tender was completed. In addition to the Kütahya-Gediz highway, Gediz-Uşak road was awarded as well. Abide site-Usak hot asphalt will be served to our people. Thus, the complaints of our people will be resolved so. I would like to express our gratitude to the President of Kütahya and the former President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly of Industry-Trade, Soner Aksoy, who provided us with great support in solving these roads. Saraoğlu "Turkey's most healing spas and thermal plant that's been found that Murat Mountain ski resort both to live well founded together with the healing of entertainment," he said.

Ul Murat Dağı is the subject of the researches of healing hot spring waters, pine forests, rich flora of plants and medicine and forestry faculties, eler said President Saraoğlu. The application was put in place and provided us with the necessary equipment. Our district is experiencing a first in Turkey. We provided our guests with a hot spring, ice-cold spring water and skiing facilities. The thermal waters and ski center on the Murat Dağı, which is famous for its oxygen, are not only from Kütahya, but also from İzmir, Uşak, Manisa, Balıkesir and Eskişehir. said that they had accomplished many projects in order to make the tuist easier to reach.

Mayor of Gediz Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu said: na Gedizli citizens were forced to travel from Kütahya to Altıntaş Zafer Airport. Naturally, the distance between them is too long and this is a big disadvantage. The tender was made in order to find a solution to this problem. Bu Bağlantı Gediz-Altintas Zafer Airport construction of asphalt road is started for road connection. Thus, Gedizliler Altas Zafer Airport without having to travel a long way to reach the short path. Only our neighbors from Usaklı can reach the airport without stopping at Kütahya city center..

President Saraoğlu stated that the name of Murat Mountain will be heard by everyone soon and said: herkes The feasibility studies of the project which will bring thermal water and ski center to one of the thermal tourism centers of our district, have started. As a result of the researches we have found that there is no project in the world that combines such thermal water with the ski center. The start of the project was put into practice, and the measurement work is in progress. It will soon be one of the ski resorts of Gediz. Yakında