'Metro' joy in Konya business world

The joy of "Metro" in Konya business world: The Konya Metro project, given the good news by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, was welcomed by the business world. Konya Chamber of Commerce President Selçuk Öztürk described the project as a great investment for Konya and said, “First of all, our Prime Minister Prof. Dr. I would like to thank Mr. Lütfi Elvan, our former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, including Ahmet Davutoğlu, and all the officials who contributed to the project ”.

President Öztürk said the following in his statement on the subject:

Konya After the connection of our first capital city in Anatolia to the other capitals Ankara and then Istanbul by High Speed ​​Train, the investment of the Konya Metro which will ease the transportation in the city has been a big step towards the development of our city. These logistic supports that Konya receives with its developing industry and production power will increase the competitiveness of our country and further strengthen the increasing importance of Anatolia. The project, which will cost 3 Billion TL, will go down in history as the largest investment in the history of the Republic in Konya. Konya, which is one of the four cities with High Speed ​​Train line, will be one of the four cities with metro.

The importance given by our government to Konya's transportation infrastructure projects makes us happy as a business world. Konya We will make Konya the center city 'makes us proud as Konya, after the Prime Minister, has brought big investments to our city one after another. We believe that Konya Metro will make great contributions to the development of our city and we will use this advantage in the best way as private sector. The metro, which will increase the value of the city, will contribute to the selection of Konya by local and foreign semis. Metro, which will stimulate the tourism of Konya, will provide important inputs to the Konya artisans, especially the services sector. In addition, rail transport to industrial zones will be provided in line with our demand is a very positive initiative. It will create a solution to the shortage of personnel, which is the biggest problem of our industry. In addition, the subway will increase the popularity of the universities in Konya. I hope that Konya Metro, which will make a major contribution to the solution of the rapidly growing and developing Konya transportation problem, will bring good luck to our city ”.




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