Tekkeköy Rail System Full Gas


Tekkekoy Rail System Full Gas: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, Tekkekoy rail system line infrastructure work continues, one of the two viaducts to be completed, he said.
Mustafa Yurt said that they have completed the construction of a viaduct in the infrastructure works. Ler Our work on this line continues very fast. 2 viaduct, which is the longest in the 400 viaduct to be constructed, has been completed. The project will be held in 350-22 May. The infrastructure works, which are one of the important manufacturing items of the rail system route, have been completed to a great extent. Currently, six guru concrete works are underway. In the coming days, we will make the tender of the rail and catenary systems here. The implementation project of this tender came to its final stage. After that, only the vehicle purchase will remain to make, Bundan he said.

Using the phrase, ray It was entered into the last corner in relation to the rail system,, Yurt said: Currently, six guru concrete works continue. I hope that the rail line will be finished before the end of 2016. Ray

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