The broken train dragged train truck

A broken train truck was dragged: In Mersin, at the level crossing, one end of the wire cut off by the truck was caught in the case of another, and the truck was involved in an accident.

In the town of Tarsus in the crossing of the truck at the crossing of one end of the wire to the other body of the car as a result of being caught in the truck involved in the accident was injured 4 people were injured.

According to information received, the driver yet unidentified 80 LE 725 plate truck, Gazipaşa Bulvarı level crossing, the wire removed from the poles was removed during the study.

A portion of the wire was blown under the influence of a wire that was passed through the side street 33 NVN 50 plate was attached to the truck, the other part of the wire remained on the rails. Shortly after the train from the level crossing in the direction of Mersin to the passenger train on the 6217 flight, the train dragged by the wire, 01 EZ 898 and 33 PAN 73 plate was stopped by two cars. While the train was stopped after a while, some poles on the line were overthrown.

3 people in the accident with people on the road to the incident instantly injured a person walking. Ambulances Tarsus'deki hospital removed the wounded Şeref Ozcan, Ilhan Gonultas, Enes Burak Gonul and Zubeyde Gonultaş were being treated.

After the accident, the District Governor Hasan Göç, the Mayor Şevket Can and the Police Chief Haydar Çelik were in the investigation.

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