Asphalt Season Started on Talast

Talasta Asphalt Season Has Started: In Talas Municipality, which attaches importance to infrastructure works, the asphalt season started with Papatya Street in Mevlana, one of the rapidly growing and developing neighborhoods of the district.
Stating that Talas is a rapidly growing and developing district, Talas Mayor Mustafa Palancıoğlu drew attention to the importance of infrastructure works. Stating that the infrastructure is the invisible face of a city, Mayor Palancıoğlu said, "The better your infrastructure is, the more the work to be done on it shows the quality."
Explaining that they opened the asphalt season in this context, Mayor Palancıoğlu said that teams are working on Papatya Avenue, which is 21 meters wide and approximately 1 km long. Mayor Palancıoğlu stated that Papatya Street and its surroundings are being built rapidly and said, “Our Mevlana District is developing in a way befitting the modernity of the rapidly growing Talas. In our Mevlana Neighborhood, where we try to reflect the modern face of historical Talas, Talas Municipality, KASKİ, Kayserigaz and Kayseri and Vicinity Elektrik TAŞ. teams completed high quality infrastructure work. Then, with the warming of the weather, he brought the works to the final stage by laying the hot asphalt. Our aim is to decorate our district, which is famous for its historical texture, with the quality works of the modern world. I would like to thank all our teams who contributed to our work. The road will be opened to traffic as soon as possible. Good luck to our citizens already. " he spoke.

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