Fast Train Set Tender Auction 2. Interviews with companies on technical issues

TCDD Speed Train Set Al Halem 2. package for rapid train set-up with companies for technical issues are being seen

The Turkish State Railways (TCDD) yol106 Piece Fast Train Set Demir80 The works are being swiftly swept away.
According to the information received from the Investments Magazine; for the purchase of a set of technical issues with companies for the purchase of products.
After the completion of the works and the approval of the necessary approvals, they will be asked to submit their tenders and the companies will be asked to bid. The sets will be 20's foreign 60's domestic production on the front of the sets. Some of the companies that show up on technical matters include:
1. Alstom
2. Ansaldo
3. Bombardier
4. Hyundai Rotem
5. Siemens
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1228 / 13 April 2015 (PM)

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  1. Some of these trains are hybrids and include both electric and diesel engines, so that the YHt line will not be built at a time with a lot of importance. It can provide comfort and comfort.