Siemens Velaro brand YHTs start test runs between Ankara and Konya

Siemens Velaro brand YHTs have started test runs between Ankara and Konya: Siemens Velaro high-speed train sets have been produced for 7 different railway operation with different model 6 aro

1- ICE 3 (DB Class 403 / 406) - Germany

2- Velaro E (AVE Class 103) - Spain

3- Velaro CN (CRH3C) - China

4- Velaro RUS (RZD Sapsan) - Russia

5- Velaro D (DB Class 407) - Germany

6- Velaro e320 (Eurostar) - United Kingdom

7- Velaro Turkey (TCDD) - Turkey.

The Siemens Velaro high-speed train sets have also worked successfully in Spain's warm climate for years in the snowy and humid climate of Russia.

Meanwhile, the Velaro E-series 15 at 2006 in July held a speed record of 403,7 km between Guadalajara-Calatayud on the Madrid-Zaragoza line in Spain.

I mean, a record holder set

A few days ago, 3 people from Konya AFAD team received training from Siemens engineers at YHT General Directorate Cer Directorate, to deal with accidents in the new Siemens Velaro brand YHT.

May Allah not make an accident, but in such a case, the Konya team has become ready.


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