Şehitkamilde Neighborhoods are Individually Equipped

Şehitkamilde Districts are Single Inoculated: The Municipality of Şehitkamil is continuing its work in order not to leave an unpaved road in the district. Selahattin Eyyubi neighborhood in places where the need for zero asphalt work Şehitkamil Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, the district does not leave the unpaved road.
Şehitkamil Municipality, which has been continuing its activities in order to make Şehitkamil district into a livable district, gains the satisfaction of the citizens with its zero asphalt works. With the warming of the air asphalt works accelerated the work of the Şehitkamil Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, Selahattin Eyyubi neighborhood damaged and destroyed road zero asphalt work has done. Selahattin Eyyubi District Headman Friday Kurtoğlu stated that they were satisfied with the services made; Falt Zero asphalt works are being done in our neighborhood today. Our neighborhood has a better view with the roads. Our citizens were in a lot of trouble because our roads were collapsed. However, our work with zero asphalt road was eliminated. Selahattin Eyyubi All necessary services are done in our neighborhood. I would like to thank Mr. Rıdvan Fadıloğlu, Mayor of Şehitkamil for the works and services to our neighborhood. Mah


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