Şehit Kubilay Köprülü Intersection Combined two sides of Menemen

Şehit Kubilay Köprülü Intersection Combined two sides of the Menemen: Şehit Kubilay Köprülü Junction and the connection roads of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which were completed in Menemen, were put into service with a ceremony. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, 7 million liras investment in the intersection of the 44 pine tree to save the project announced that they made changes.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Menemen Esatpaşa neighborhood in the Bridge Interchange, was put into service with the ceremony. The opening ceremony of the intersection of the two sides of the Menemen district and the name of the revolutionary martyr Suleyman Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Izmir Deputy Alaattin Yuksel, Menemen Mayor Tahir Sahin, district mayors, councilors, muhtars and citizens attended. Speaking to the Mayor of Menemen Tahir Sahin, who lost his father Ramiz Sahin the following day, Aziz Kocaoglu, who started his speech by wishing his head health, expressed that this intersection passing near the houses is a difficult project but that they are happy to carry out the opening. Mayor Kocaoglu, 44 pine tree to save the project they made changes, junction and connection roads cost 7 million pounds, he said.
Hard reaction to sert poppy i analogy
general elections Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Kocaoglu who criticized the execution out of Municipalities In his speech, Turkey in general only in Izmir, metropolitan and district municipalities was mentioned that mainly political structures and the AKP Diyarbakır deputy Friday showed a strong response to the tweets related to internal Izmir. Mayor Kocaoglu, oy Diyarbakir deputy came to Izmir, asked the Justice Development Party to vote. The most natural right. He then separated and criticized Izmir by tweeting close to 20; He tried to beat Izmir and talked about the way of life of Izmir. Our citizens of Izmir 'poppies' said. An attempt was made to add many adjectives to the administration of the Justice Development Party in Izmir. You all know them. 'Fascist Izmir' was said. 'Faith is weak Izmir' was said. 'Gavur Izmir' was implied. The latest bomb; they made us 'poppies'! All the citizens of Izmir 'esrarkeş' made. What kind of mentality is this? How does this look at Izmir? What kind of evaluation is this, what kind of politics? Değerlendir he said.
When he heard these words, Kocaoğlu said that his blood had frozen and continued his speech as follows:
Iştir Politics as a man, master, without ignoring the ethical rules, nobody's work, power, morality, child, child, life style, faith, race, religion, language without throwing words, your own will be done by saying services. And if you're like a man; 78 million people as general politicians, 4 million in Izmir as a local politician 150 thousand Izmirli, Menemen 150 more than a thousand people, peasants, residents of the same look and serve if you serve, is a supreme task. But if you manipulate politics into all kinds of trade and non-service jobs, the political institution becomes polluted. When the political institution gets dirty, healthy people escape politics. Then unhealthy people rule the country. If unhealthy people manage, that's what happens. A self-conscious deputy from Diyarbakir, Izmirli 'poppy' he says. It attacks İzmir's life style İzmir.
The Gulf cannot cover the word ”poppy“ by saying ed filthy Körfez
Justice and Development Party Provincial Chairman Bülent Delican'ın Izmir Bay, also touching on the President Kocaoğlu, Delican'ın first of the Izmiris to ask the account of e poppy öncelikle reminded me to ask, tw two broom tool in the Gulf from daylight to sunset we do cleaning. Floating waste and nylons can accumulate in wells. And our mobile teams are collecting him. Such photographs can be taken in the secluded places of İzmir Bay. AKP Provincial Chairman under such a photo 'Hani Gulf to swim in?' he wrote. You to take that tweet, as the provincial chairman of Izmir, Izmir, 'poppies' you must go after what! You will ask him to account for the fact that you live in Izmir, you are from Izmir and that you intimidate the life style of Izmir and you respect the people of İzmir. According to him, you're gonna ask for a vote. To change the agenda of the Gulf, accumulated by the garbage, maybe thrown by your men, manipulation; You cannot cover up this behavior of the self-conscious man who calls 'poppy' to Izmir. Nobody's gonna cover this up for you. Let's wake up; let's be awake, let the country come to light. Let's be alert that the country's income distribution is straight. Uy
Thanks to Mayor Kocaoğlu
Menemen Mayor Tahir Sahin, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'na for the investment of the intersection of the crossroad, the secular name of the symbol of the secular Revolution Martyr Kubilay said they were happy to give the name.
After the speeches, the Mayor of Menemen Tahir Sahin, President Kocaoglu'a Menemen vase with a fruit basket grown in the county and gave a gift. The residents of Esatpaşa Mahallesi also thanked the President and presented flowers.
There are also a cascade pool and children's playgrounds
After the ceremony, the connection roads with the Sehit Kubilay Bridge Interchange began to serve. Bridge crossing, TCDD intercity railway line with the line over the IZBAN line Menemen 1211 Street and Atatürk Street connects. 770 square meter bridge, 350 meter long istinad wall, 1.2 kilometer road and a trestle were constructed for intersection and connection roads. In the scope of the project, which cost 7 million TL together with the expropriation value, green area and landscape, cascade pool, children's playground arrangement were made.

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