Saruhanli Municipality opens asphalt season

Saruhanli Municipality opened the asphalt season: Saruhanli Municipality started the asphalt season of 2015 and started to throw hot asphalt on the dirt road in the district center of Sehit Bulent Yenihatay.
Mayor of Saruhanli Hüseyin Yaralı, on the road where the asphalt work continues, investigations, unit managers received information about the work. President of the wounded, said in a statement following the investigations here, 2015 year with the arrival of summer asphalt season, said they opened. In this context, the spare 11 agricultural irrigation channel on the shore of the 800 meters of hot asphalt began expressing Yaralı, said:
“We have been working on infrastructure before. At this point, we have completed our works on fill and drainage channel system. We started to throw hot asphalt right now. We will throw asphalt to the length of the 800 meter, and we will spend material in the amount of 650 cubic meters. So that's where our neighborhood will get out of the dust. In the following process, depending on the weather conditions in our neighborhoods will be needed in the regions that will continue to work. Bundan
On the other hand in the neighborhood of the Büyükbelen patch work continued to express the President of the wounded, serving the citizen said that they are conducting a feverish work. Saruhanli citizens living in Saruhanli Municipality were very pleased with the asphalt works and thanked President Yaralı.

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