Salihlide flew from the bridge to the railway

In Salihli the car flew from the bridge to the railway: The accident occurred on the Keli bridge on the E-96 highway. According to the information obtained, the 26 SA 45 license plate car used by S.Y (0856), coming from İzmir direction and going to Salihli direction, fell from Keli bridge to the railway as a result of the driver's loss of steering.

The driver injured in the accident was taken to Salihli State Hospital by 112 Emergency Health teams. While it was learned that the driver's health was in good condition, the Izmir-Afyon freight train was kept at the entrance of the county for 30 minutes because the car fell on the railway. On the other hand, it was seen that the rear wheels of the car remained on the bridge railings on the E-96 highway. Vehicle traffic on the highway was given from a single lane for a short period of time, since the teams affiliated to Salihli Municipality performed cleaning on the road after the accident. An investigation into the accident was launched.



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