Death Ramp Death Crossroad

The death ramp was a death crossroad: Despite all the arrangements made in the Warty Ramp, where traffic accidents occurred in which many people lost their lives or were injured for many years, the loss of life and property continues.
In the past years, due to traffic accidents in the mortal, injured and material damage, the Wet Ramp, which did not fall off the agenda, was regulated by the Highways.
After the accidents on the ramp, its height was reduced and its width was increased.
In the last year, the work took place on the road by the company named Has-Yol with the tender of the 5 kilometer part of the Keşan-Enez Highway, while the width of the road with 6 meters was increased to approximately 12 meters and some of the ramps were low.
While Tamda Warty Ramp is no longer a traffic accident will occur, the company's intersection here, the larger accidents are invited. On the way to the direction of Enez from Keşan, the junction of the intersection that starts at the section corresponding to the entrance to the cemetery causes accidents. Considering the arrival of many foreign people, especially in the summer, a complete disaster is expected.
Maneuverers who maneuvering to avoid hitting the intersection that suddenly arises after getting off the ramp, are facing the danger of getting out of the road, while some of them get rid of the crash of the intersection at the last moment. The traffic accident that occurred in the 01.30 ranks of the last Sunday evening is one of the best examples. Cars to the direction of Enez from Keşan, after leaving the Warty Ramp, before it strikes the junction, then begins to burn off after taking off. In the accident, the driver escaped from the fire by chance, but was seriously wounded and taken to Keşan State Hospital.
On the road traffic is required to make the necessary arrangements before intensification
It was learned that the condition of the driver in this accident, which is one of the most beautiful and most painful cases, was serious. Drivers and commercial vehicle owners who use the Keşan-Enez Highway constantly want to make the necessary work on this intersection, especially the Keşan District Governorship, and the AK Party District Organization, to correct this intersection as soon as possible, which could lead to larger accidents.
Citizens, at this intersection in the absence of necessary arrangements, many traffic accidents may occur and many people will face death or injury, he said.



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