Oltu-Artvin highway closed due to landslide

The Oltu-Artvin highway was closed due to landslides: Oltu-Artvin highway was closed due to the landslide in the vicinity of the Ayvalı dam in the Oltu district of Erzurum.
The landslide that came from the mountain where the dam of Ayvalı was located, closed the Oltu-Artvin highway for transportation. Many drivers on the road will be covered due to landslide and 2 will be closed for transportation during the day. People stranded on the road to the nearby places as pedestrians, drivers used alternative ways.
After the incident, the dam officials from the scene, the area to do research in the region by climbing the tower crane climbed the area to investigate. The gendarmerie teams, who took the safety measures on the road which was closed to the transportation, closed the Artvin side of the road by warning the drivers. After the 2 work done by the teams, the road will be re-opened to traffic.



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