OGS and HGS revolt of motorcycle drivers

OGS and HGS rebellion of motorcycle riders: Motorcycle users in Istanbul react to OGS and HGS fees on bridges and highways. Motoxic drivers can't make sense that they give the same toll for passenger cars or even trucks
The Motorcycling Couriers Association, the Classic Motor Users Association and the Realist Motor Club reacted to the tolls on bridges and highways with a joint statement. Club representatives who rebelled to pay the same tolls as passenger cars and even trucks launched the “Notice Motorcycles in OGS / HGS” signature campaign.
Here are three associations:
In HGS / OGS crossings, the prices applied to motorcycles are made at the same price as passenger cars or even 1 class trucks.
Below, we give an example only from the implementation of the Bosphorus / FSM bridges.

1nci In the description of the class in the description of the highways esi AXIS RANGE (AXIAL DISTANCE) UNDER THE 3.20 METER 1.SINIFTIR. Lam but the motorcycle axle range does not fall into this category.
18 May 2015 with signatures collected on the date of May 14: 00 will present these signatures to him that we have a meeting with the general manager at the General Directorate of highways. 19 May 2015 hour 13: FSM bridge at 00 Moving from the European side, we will pass hundreds of engines to the Anatolian side. We will install dozens of engines on the 4-5 truck in the front. There will be at least one 10 engine in each truck with the same price as an engine. The price a motor pays for a truck will be on the 10 motorcycle.
Istanbul Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges Transition Fees Tariff If we consider that a normal car weighs an average of 1.5 tons and an average motorcycle is around 150 kilograms, motorcycles that apply a weight of 10% compared to the car have a thin tire size and are less than 2 cars. There is a serious automobile-motorcycle difference due to its wheel.
Despite these differences, we continue to pay the same fee as cars. In order to make necessary arrangements in this regard, we launched the “Notice Motorcycles in OGS / HGS” signature campaign. After the elections, with these collected signatures, we will continue with the motorcycles to make the necessary changes to the Ministry of Transport and even to the parliament.



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