The Ministry transformed the TCDD area into a shopping center area

The ministry has transformed the TCDD area in Marmaray into a shopping center area: AKP, which has opened a public response to the city as a shopping center and residence, will allow the city to breathe, and continues its actions in this direction. TMMOB Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch announced that the 15-acre area allocated to TCDD at Kazlıçeşme Station on the coast of Zeytinburnu on the Marmaray route was converted into a commercial area by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The City Planners Chamber stated that the way for shopping malls to be built in this area was opened, and that they objected to this plan change legally.

The Chamber invited the local and central government to stop making irresponsible decisions. While the public opposed the opening of Taksim Gezi Park and Validebağ Grove for construction, he criticized the government for being a “Mall Party”. Despite the reactions, the adjacent land of Emirgan Park was sold to the private sector by TOKİ Emlak Konut as a commercial area.

According to the statement of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of City Planners, since January 2015, 181 zoning plan amendments have been suspended by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and 22 provincial directorates by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Oda shared the two of these plans he objected to in May.

The first objection of the Chamber is the plan change by the Ministry that transformed the TCDD area in Kazlıçeşme into a shopping mall area. According to the Chamber's statement, with the “1578 Islands, 1/1 scale Master Plan Change and 5000/1 scale Master Plan Change Prepared for 1000 Parcel” in Zeytinburnu Kazlıçeşme, which was approved and suspended by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Halkalı-The area designated as the “TCDD Area” of approximately 15 thousand meters in the Kazlıçeşme section of the Gebze suburban line was converted into a “Commercial Area”.

One of the main public transportation axes in Istanbul Halkalı-The work has been started to connect the suburban line to Marmaray and to increase the number of the two lines to three, Kazlıçeşme on 29.04.2012 to suburban flights between Pendik and Gebze. Halkalı The commuter flights between Haydarpaşa and Pendik were interrupted on 01.03.2013. No progress has been made so far in the studies that have been announced to be completed by the middle of 19.06.2013.

According to the Chamber of City Planners, in the 5793rd article of the Law No. 43 on the Amendment of Some Laws and Decree Laws, the structure and user density in the region is increased by changing the zoning plan, which is approved by the regulation regarding the sale of those with excess management in the property owned by the TCDD General Directorate. privileged right of construction is created above the existing plan decisions. How the line that remains idle due to the improvement works of the suburban line will be evaluated only according to the lease / sale decisions made by TCDD will not contribute to the solution of the existing urban problems and will create new problems.

The Chamber objected to the fact that this area is a shopping mall area with the following reason: “The immovables on the suburban line, which have been excluded from use for the purpose of improvement, have been taken to the commercial area before the works on the mentioned rail system have been completed and put into service, even though it is exhibited in the Istanbul Rail System transportation schemes, conversion means uncontrolled disposal of public land. ”

In the statement of the Chamber of City Planners, who invited the Ministry to use the zoning plan making powers, planning principles for the solution of urban problems, the principles of urbanism and the public interest, we present our requests for the cancellation of the plan changes by taking into consideration our objections. The statement said.

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