Mevlana Museum remains green

Mevlana Museum was starved of green: live tree massacre of Turkey's most arid and desertification is available in a few years will make us give in Konya reached the size. Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 80-100 annually removes the trees. So much so that even in the vicinity of the Mevlana Museum is not possible to see green trees.

Turkey's driest city in Konya tree massacre 'give up' dimension that deserves to be reached. Metropolitan Municipality, Mevlâna Museum around the tens of trees are eliminated. 80-100 annual trees around the protected museum for centuries, before the construction of Türbeönü Square, is now cut for the new tram line, concrete floors were made. It is impossible to find a tree shade around the museum visited by millions of tourists. The green dome remained green.

There are no more works from the trees where millions of local and foreign tourists can visit Mevlana. The municipality has built Türbeönü Square about 3 years ago, where the Mevlana Museum and the trees in front of the Sultan Selim Mosque are located. In this context, many centuries-old trees were cut and this green area was converted into concrete ground. Tourists visiting the museum were resting in the shade of the trees here. In this sprawling area, tourists cannot find a shadow to take refuge in the scorching heat of summer.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Alaeddin Hill and the new tram line between the Palace of Justice began a while ago. The new tram line 7, which covers a few stops with buses, is projected to pass through the middle centers of the streets. The route was defined as Mevlana Street, Aslanlı Kışla Street and Yenice Mezbaha Street starting from Alaaddin Boulevard. In the middle refugees on the route through which the line will pass, there were nearly one thousand trees in two rows at intervals of 5. About a year ago, the trees were cut and dismantled. The trees at the refugees facing the visitor entrance of Mevlana Museum were not stopped. The municipality also eliminated these trees with a night operation. Thus, the Mevlana Museum was completely ripped off from the trees around it.

The president, 'In Rome, too,' he argued!

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek made statements about the square where the trees were cut and turned into concrete floors. Akyürek, who likens Mevlana Square to cities such as Paris, Berlin and Vienna, said, “It is the same in Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Paris and New York. Our Konya did not have a real square. With this in mind, we first completed the Mevlana Square. " used the expressions.


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