Mersin Metropolitan Road Works Continues


Mersin Metropolitan Area Road Works Continues: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams, districts and villages continue to work on the road and asphalt.
The Department of Science Affairs maintains its services in many different ways in districts and villages. Maintenance and repair work on the Tarsus-Karadiken road with the 6 thousand meter road between the orders-Değirmençay, asphalted compression and asphalt work on the 5 bin 300 meter road between Tol-Kuzucubelen, expansion work on the 12 thousand meter road between Demirışık-Erçel, Fındıkpınarı-Demirışık-Yüksekoluk -Sunturas-Hangediği and Değirmendere-Kızılbağ 45 thousand meters on the road asphalt and banquet work, as well as the Gözne-Ayvagediği road maintenance and repair work continues.
In addition, filling and asphalt works have been initiated on the connection road to be built between Kasım Ekenler Boulevard and Yüzbaşı Yaşar Avenue, which is 2 kilometers long and 20 meters wide. In addition to road works, drinking water, rain water and sewage works are also carried out during the construction of the street.
On the other hand, the lines used in road works started to be produced in the Metropolitan Municipality, Gökçebelen Construction Site. Municipal officials reported that the cost was reduced by half, with an average of 40 contracts per day.

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