Manavgat asphalt plant facility opened

Asphalt plant facility was opened in Manavgat Antalya Metropolitan Municipality who plant asphalt plant for the first time in the Manavgat district of Elmali in Turkey then made the opening of the plant asphalt plant. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel 3 said that the asphalt plant, which was built and put into service during the month, attracted attention with its environmental sensitivity. Türel, 1 5 per year, said they were proud of doing the yearly service.
Manavgat Asphalt Plant Opening Ceremony Transport Former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications and Antalya Deputy Candidate Lütfi Elvan, Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, AK PARTi Antalya Province President Riza Sumer, Gazipasa Mayor Adil Celik, Gundogmus Mayor Mehmet Ozeren, Akseki Mayor İsmet Uysal, Manavgat Governor Emir Osman Bulgurlu, council members and many Manavgatli joined. Manavgatliler welcomed President Türel with Turkish flags in his hands, accompanied by drum zurna. Governor of Manavgat Emir Osman Bulgurlu thanked the President Türel for the Manavgatlılar.
The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Türel spoke about the projects that they have put into service in succession. Muhtarevleri, Social Card, Alanya ASMEK, the opening of the asphalt plant, the opening of Korkuteli Kucukkoy tomorrow, the foundation of a few days, not laid the foundation of our projects. At the end of a year, these services will have very few municipalities. 1 yearly 5 yearly service was realized. Of course we have to work a lot of 5 years lost behind. This 5 has to make up for the year. 5 lost 15 yearly we should do the yearly services. All the citizens who are the winners of this service are Manavgatlılar, Alanyali, Aksekililer, Gazipaşalılar, İbradılılar. Because we work for you. We promised. 3 months ago, this is a powder in the earth now came to the ground-breaking ceremony. About 4 million pounds of such a facility in the 3 month we have put into service. We produce asphalt now. We will now cover the roads of our own village districts with asphalt like slides. We've built an environmentally sensitive facility. The first asphalt plant established in the 30 metropolitan municipality is Elmalı and Manavgat. And this happened to us. We are honored to have a history by achieving a first. Bir
The facility will provide services to the Eastern provinces
The facility will meet the need for asphalt in the eastern districts President Türel, respectively in all our districts will do asphalt.This facility is also an environmentally sensitive facility. 2 will give you a green space of one thousand square meters. We plant 3 thousand tree seedlings. Asphalt plant separates the soil with the latest technology gas does not give the slightest pollution to the environment. We are opening an environmentally sensitive facility. 200 tone asphalt, 400 tone plent mix will be produced. Now our citizens know that if we promise we do. We do not come in front of the citizen with empty promises. With our projects, we come across the citizen with our works
In his speech President Türel, who thanked to the former Minister of Transportation and the candidate of Antalya Deputy Lütfi Elvan, said: It didn't happen. For the past five years, 2009 has lost years. We told 2014 that we will do our 10 junction in Antalya. I would like to thank our Minister. We said we're gonna do the 15 junction. 2014 is now in service within a few months. All services are with the support of you, without the support of our nation we could not do these services. He is now approaching the dreams of Antalya. Because Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan gives us strength. Fast trains, airports, cruise ports, highways, marinas, these are all worthy of you in Manavgat, Antalya. Hızlı
In his speech, Lütfi Elvan, the former Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, and the candidate of Antalya Deputy, pointed out that Manavgat is one of the most important tourism centers. We started the projects 3 years before. In the first half of 2016 we will shoot together the excavation of our high-speed train from Antalya to Manvagat, Konya, Cappadocia and Kayseri. In 2020 we said we will complete it, but we will complete it before the time we have given. Our job is to serve our business to work. We get up on the job. You will take the fast train from Manavgat to 20-25 minutes. You will reach Antalya in half an hour. You will reach Konya in one hour 20 minutes. That's what we differ from the others. Our Antalya, Manavgat is the heart of our Mediterranean. Only Konya cannot be connected to Kayseri. We will also connect Istanbul with high-speed train. Our brother from Istanbul, 4.5 hour will be in Antalya. Antalya will rise. Flocking to the domestic tourism in the Central and Eastern Anatolia from the Aegean Sea to Antalya will be the influx of tourists. This is the meaning of the high-speed train. Hızlı
Stating that they will build a motorway city at the same time, Elvan said, yap Hundreds of traffic lights are waiting for you when you depart from Antalya. Now you will depart from Manavgat without seeing any traffic light to go to Antalya. You will go to Alanya. There will be tunnels viaducts on our highway. In the first half of 2016 we will hit the dig. Our project is ready. We will connect Antalya to Manavgat. Demirkapı tunnel work continues 5 kilometers. The 1.7 mileage is completed. We're drilling Ferhat mountains. 2016 as of the end of 1.5 years later, our citizens from Manavgat, Taşağıl Gelendost through a very short time will reach Konya. Our way will shorten the 90 mileage.
We have another way to connect Managat to Akseki, Akseki to Konya Seydisehir. The departure will be a split route. Here, the most troubled section of Alacabel, Alacabel tunnel tender, we are dating this month. 7.3 will be two-way, will be kilometers long. We will make a total 17 mileage tunnel on that route. 128 kilometer tunnel will open this year in Turkey, "he said.
After the speeches, Minister Elvan, President Türel, district mayors started the production of asphalt plant by pressing the button with the ceremony. The plant with 200 ton asphalt capacity cost 3 million 922 million TL. 13 thousand 910 square meters installed in the facility with a capacity of 60 tons of scale. Environment-friendly facility with the latest technology filter system prevents the spread of dust to the environment.



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