Efeler Becomes Mobilized for the Railway Passing Through the City

Efeler was mobilized for the railway passing through the city: TCDD's Aydın-İzmir-Denizli railway project in the double-line project, Efeler town of Efeler wanted to take part in the suburbs Efeler City Council, collected by 5 bin signature Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Transport and Maritime Affairs Minister Feridun Bilgin sent to.

In the project of TCDD's Aydın-İzmir-Denizli railway line, the Efeler City Council sent the 5 signatures it collected to the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to Feridun Bilgin. Tuncay Erdemir, Efeler City Council President, who claims that the railway passing through the middle of Aydın will split the city in two with a double line project and will be a wall of shame, said, “We do not want a wall of shame for Efeler. Hear our voice. This project is the project that will divide Aydın into two. ” said.

City Council President Erdemir, who made a press statement in front of the PTT Aydın Central Branch, said, “Passing a second line through the Efeler district, where 265 thousand people live today, and the implementation of the high-speed train will increase the division and traffic interruption of the district. It is obvious that it will cause loss of life and property that we do not want. Due to the increasing district population and increasing number of vehicles and the increasing number of train trips, it has also caused an increase in vehicle and pedestrian accidents at the level crossings of the railway passing through the city. The length of the railway passing through the administrative and residential areas of Efeler district is approximately 9 km. According to the planning made by the Izmir Regional Directorate of TCDD, human and animal entry should be prevented in order to start the high-speed trains with the second line over the ground. For this, the fact that it will be surrounded by a two-way wire line will create a wall of shame that divides the Aydın Efeler district from the middle of it. For this reason, with the petition campaign launched on January 15, 5 Aydınlı said 'stop' to the wall of shame. Therefore, in the second line construction phase of the railway that will pass through Efeler district, it is compulsory and necessary to be underground in the area of ​​ASTİM Organized Industrial Site, starting from the DSİ Regional Directorate, with an underground metro-like project in other major cities similar to Marmaray. said. Stating that the division of the district will be terminated during the intercity crossing with the underground railway line, Erdemir said, “Accidents resulting in loss of life and property will be prevented at level crossings. By bringing the railway underground, 180 decares of land above the ground will be offered to the use of our citizens living in Efeler, and this line will be greened and more modern and livable physical conditions can be created in the city by constructing walking, cycling routes and sports areas. ” said.

Mayor Mesut Özakcan, who supported the signature campaign, said that they were against this project and wanted the line to pass under the ground. CHP provincial chairman Hikmet Saatcı, MHP provincial chairman Cem Akbudak, MHP deputy candidate Fevzi Köse and CHP deputy candidate Fulya Üstündağ also supported the signature campaign.

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