Izmit Gulf Crossing Headbridge Chief Dedeoglu We will complete the bridge in the targeted time

We will complete Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge Chief Engineer Dedeoglu Bridge in the Targeted Time: Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge Chief Engineer Erdogan Dedeoglu said that the delay caused by cat accidents will be eliminated and said: or
In the special session of the 3 Bridges Viaducts Symposium held in Bursa, presentations of officials of the General Directorate of Highways and academicians of Middle East Technical University took place on 'Technological Developments in the Design and Construction of Highways Bridges'. On the other hand, Erdoğan Dedeoğlu, Chief Engineer of Suspension Bridge made a presentation about the works on Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway and conveyed the last point reached at Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge.
Stating that Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge is 550 in the world with a thousand openings of 4, Dedeoğlu said, ız Our structure moves with the ground in small earthquakes and behaves differently from ground in big earthquakes. In the earthquake that we define as small earthquake, it has a basic design which is applied to provide this opportunity in different big scale earthquakes together with the ground. ”
Dedeoğlu reminded that there was a sad accident while the construction of the cat path was carried out before the main coating was formed. “Our greatest consolation is that no one dies in this accident. This accident delayed our work a bit. However, we want to complete our project in the targeted program by minimizing the loss of time by means of the measures we will take in the future. ”
Dedeoğlu stated that due to the high seismicity of the structure, caisson and piled foundations were selected. The reason that they are not connected with anchors or piles is a method based on the operation of the ground motion during the earthquake as a seismic isolator on the structure. These are foreseen in our accounts. It was determined in all examinations. Both the north and south tower foundations have different amounts to respond to settlements both during and after the construction phase. Sitting at the base of the north tower is 34 centimeters, and the base of the south tower is 70 centimeters. The construction life of our bridge is designed as 100 years. 100 has been designed to accommodate 30 centimeters in the north and 64 meters in the south with additional settlements in the 1 centimeter in the annual settlement. Atı
Erdogan Dedeoglu, Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway, while the work continues to this day over a hundred technical trips, he said.

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