My Izmir Card is Coming

izmirim kart
izmirim kart

Izmirim Kart is coming: Kentkart used in public transportation in Izmir, 1 will be transformed into Izmirim Kart from June. Since there will be no change in the system for the users, the existing Kentkart will be used and the new buyer will use İzmirim Kart. The new smart cards will be available in many services of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the near future.

For the aland electronic contactless smart card 'service, 13 signed a contract with Kartek, which won the tender in January, and the General Directorate of ESHOT, to be valid from 1 June. The surprise of this new era for the people of İzmir was için İzmirim Kart Bu. The new cards will now be sold under the name ”Izmirim Kart Yeni. There will be no changes in existing cards and filling dealers. The 90 minute transfer system in Izmir will continue.

In the near future, the new smart cards will be valid not only in transportation but also in all units where Izmir Metropolitan Municipality collects wages. ESHOT General Directorate officials, who stated that the infrastructure preparations are continuing on this issue, noted that the new service, which will cover the advantageous and wider usage area, will facilitate the daily life of İzmir.

İzmirim Card Questions and Answers

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