İzmir-Büyükşehirden Menemene new bridge crossroads

New bridge crossing from Izmir Metropolitan to Menemene: The Köprülü Intersection built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Menemen Esatpaşa Neighborhood will be opened with a ceremony on Saturday, May 23rd. The intersection named after Revolution Martyr Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay will cross the İZBAN line with the TCDD's intercity train line and connect Menemen 1211 Street and Atatürk Street. On Saturday, connection roads will start to serve together with the bridge crossroad. Metropolitan Municipality built a 770 square meter bridge, a 350 meter long retaining wall, 1.2 km road and pavement for the "Martyr Kubilay Bridge Crossroad" and connecting roads connecting the two sides of Menemen district. Within the scope of the project, which cost 7 million TL with the expropriation fee, green area and landscaping, cascaded pool and children's playground were arranged.

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