İZBAN Will Extend Until Bergama


MHP Deputy Chairman and İzmir 2nd region deputy candidate Ahmet Kenan Tanrıkulu stated that the rail system İZBAN, which is one of the biggest needs of the citizens living in the north of the city, has not yet reached the Bergama district, despite the promise, and said, “The people of Bergama suffer from the conflict between the AKP and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. he sees.” said. Continuing his work in the constituency, Tanrıkulu met with citizens in Kınık and Bergama districts. During the daytime part of his visit, Tanrıkulu listened to the opinions of the citizens in the bazaar and Bergama streets in Kınık Poyracık.

Underlining that the biggest problem of citizens in the north of İzmir is transportation, Tanrıkulu said, “Why doesn't İZBAN come here? Are we going to enjoy the mayor of the city? Aziz Bey will get up one morning and say, 'IZBAN will stretch from Aliağa to Bergama.' Do we wait to say? This is Bergama, the star of the North Aegean. Are we condemned to the mouth of the Metropolitan Mayor? This is an investment that can pay off in the short term. You can't withhold such investments. We paved the way for this investment by putting the railways into the service of İZBAN during the 57th Government period. We also provided the necessary support for the transfer of the Izmir Bay line transportation services of Türkiye Denizcilik İşletmeleri A.Ş., which is within the scope of privatization, to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Years ago, we contributed to taking the first steps to ease the transportation in Izmir.” he said.

When going to the polls, Tanrıkulu made a call to think above politics and to assign duties to competent people and said, “We need the right planning and an administration that will respond to the need. Those who are not people of this region do not serve this region, that is obvious. A person who does not grow up under an olive tree, who does not dip his bread in olive oil and eat it, cannot know the troubles of this region. You have to step out of politics and assign duties to those who are competent.” said.

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