Incirliova-big ditch on Tire road

Incirliova-Tire road in the big dent: Aydın's Incirliova and Izmir's Tire District, which is seen on the highway, drivers frightened. Drivers, the highways staff wanted to work as soon as possible.
The old İncirliova-Tire road, which was opened in 2009 in İncirliova, was left under the dam water. Highways staff, a new road work at the top of the dam has been made available at 2010. In the winter, dvukaatı asphalt from the extreme rains fell out over time, small-scale crashes took place in places.
30 kmlik used by the neighborhood close to the 60 Incirliova-Tire Highway's Şirindere Mahallesi Mevkii, the last large drowned occurred. The barriers left the road, the asphalt ground 2 meters collapsed.
Dreadful, scared to the drivers passing by. For the road that became a fearful dream, the drivers asked the highways personnel to work as soon as possible.




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