Ready for asphalt

İğdeli village road is ready for asphalt: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality's Oltu construction site teams are also spending heavy work over the weekend. Oltu construction and expansion of all the village roads connected to Oltu work without consideration for holidays and overtime Oltu construction site teams as soon as possible to prepare the village roads for asphalt.
Erzurum Grand City Rural Development Branch Manager Ayhan Karaoğlu continued to work at the end of the week. Olud'a Metropolitan Development Director of the Rural Department Ayhan Karaoğlu Oltu construction site supervisor together with the head of the village Hüseyin Acar checked the work.
The services of the Rural Development Office of the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality in the villages make the villagers smile. Citizens, the services of the peasants with the hearts of the hearts of the Erzurum Metropolitan Rural development department thanking the president, "I wish we had access to these services before," they said.
Ayhan Karaoğlu, Branch Manager of Erzurum Metropolitan Rural Development Department said, ızı We are trying to complete our works for our villages as soon as possible. We complete our services much earlier than we planned with the diligence shown by our staff. I congratulate our staff. Çalışan


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