New Route to Yenikapi Terminal

New Route of IDO Yenikapi Terminal: A new route change has been made due to the subway work carried out under the Eurasian Tunnel by road from IDO to Yenikapi Terminal.

İDO, one of the most important centers of the sea transportation, headed to Yenikapı Terminal by road, and due to the activities affecting the regional traffic, there are changes in the route of Sirkeci-Bakırköy Sahilyolu.

Finally, a new route change has been made as of 05.05.2015 due to the Underpass study carried out under the Tire Wheeled Tube Passage Project (Eurasia Tunnel) carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

In the new regulation, it is divided into two by the Bakirkoy-Sirkeci traffic from the south of Sardinia sub-site construction site on which the IDO Yenikapi Terminal is located, and Sirkeci-Bakirkoy-Airport traffic flowing from the north. Also, because the Aksaray Junction is within the construction site, the vehicles coming to our terminal using Sirkeci's Coast Road can reach the terminal by making a 'U' turn at the next roundabout from the Aksaray junction.

Pedestrian passengers who want to reach our Terminal via Yenikapı Marmaray Station can reach to the terminal by using the pedestrian crossing after walking from Marmaray Exit to Yenikapı Vehicle Terminal in Sirkeci Direction.

On the new route, IDO has placed the necessary signposts for the comfortable transportation of its passengers to Yenikapi Terminal. In addition, for the passengers arriving to Yenikapı via Marmaray and Metro, IDO continues to provide free shuttle services with ring vehicles.



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