Same Fate with His Father

He shared the same fate with his father and died in a train crash: a person in Kayseri died after a cargo train hit. The pain was that this person lost his father as a result of a train crash in the same place 8 years ago.

One person in Kayseri, 8 died in the city where the death of his father died a year ago as a result of the death of the train. According to the information, a freight train in the district of Kocasinan Argıncık neighborhood was hit by Izzet A. 53 learned. 112 teams from the scene after the notice, the severely injured Izzet A. removed from Kayseri Training and Research Hospital. Izzet A., despite all the interventions here, lost their lives. Witnesses who lost their lives, Ali A. 's father died in the same place a year before the 8 killed in the same place as a result of a train crash, the investigation said. reported.


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