German Mechinists Take The Tip To Strike

German Makinistler to open the end of the decision: German Machinery Association's GDL GDL, the German Railways Deutsche Bahn (DB) for over a period of the 10 month-long collective bargaining.

GDL, who could not get what they wanted from DB, decided to strike open-ended this time. GDL has been on strike eight times, two of which are warnings, since the beginning of collective bargaining, on Tuesday at 15:00 in freight transport and from 02:00 on Wednesday in passenger transport.

In Germany, around 20 thousand machinists and around 17 thousand railway personnel request Deutsche Bahn to reduce the working time from 39 hours to 38, limiting overtime to 50 hours a year, rearranging working hours, and wage increase. There is no compromise between DB and GDL Union in collective bargaining for more than 10 months.

The main reason for the continuation of the strikes is shown as the German Machinists' Union GDL's willing to interview for around 37 thousand machinists and all railway workers, while Deutsche Bahn opposed it.

The call for a strike by the GDL underlined the fact that the strike was not indefinite and no explanation was given as to how long it would last.

As the collective bargaining agreements between Deutsche Bahn and GDL began to be deadlocked, the strikes and deadlines to date are as follows:

1 September 2014 warning strike: 3 hourly warning strike in freight and passenger transport.

6 September 2014 warning strike: Re-went to 3 hourly strike.

7 / 8 October 2014 strike: 9 stopped freight and passenger transport during the hour.

15 / 16 October 2014 strike: The strike time in freight and passenger transport is output to 14 hours.

17 / 20 October 2014 strike: 50 hours in passenger transportation and 61 hour strike in freight transportation.

6 / 8 November 2014 strike: The strike time was 64 hours in passenger transportation and 75 hours in freight transportation.

21 - 23 April 2015: 43 hours of passenger transport and 66 hours of freight transport affected by the strike

4 - 10 May 2015: Strike, 127 hour passenger, 138 hours continued in freight transportation.

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