Gaziantepe 12 Dev Project Meeting

Gaziantepe 12 Giant Project Meeting: AK Party Deputy Chairman Gül announced 12 projects that they will implement in Gaziantep from health to transportation, from education to trade - Among the projects, the high-speed train, which is used only in 8 cities in the world, will be brought to Gaziantep and the city's Adana, Osmaniye, Mersin, Karaman , Konya, Ankara and Istanbul by rail, a 875-bed city hospital, a new international airport, the construction of a new OIZ that will employ 100 thousand people, and transport to the Mediterranean through tunnels to be opened in the Amanos Mountains.

AK Party Deputy Chairman Abdulhamit Gül said that they developed important projects for 2 million people living in Gaziantep to lead their lives more comfortably.

Gül introduced 12 projects to be implemented, from health to transportation, from education to trade, at the meeting at Şehitkamil Congress Center.

Stating that the Gaziantep deputy candidate, Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek, was also planned to attend the meeting, but Şimşek could not be among them due to the illness of his daughter, Gül wished immediate recovery to the little Azra Esma, who was being treated.

Gül emphasized that Gaziantep, the cradle of civilizations, is a synthesis of the east and the west due to its geographical location, and that the city receives immigration constantly and this brings along some problems such as housing deficit.

Stating that they have included providing citizens with cheap housing as one of their priority projects, Gül said, “In this city, a population increase of approximately 10 million occurs every 1 years. With the immigration, rents increased and our citizens who could not own a house became victims. After determining the problem and the solution proposal, we transferred an area of ​​more than 5 million square meters right next to the 5,5th Organized Industrial Zone from the treasury to the metropolitan and TOKI. I hope the rental prices will decrease with 50 thousand houses to be built here. In addition, we will have an important scalpel on the transportation problem, as the transportation problem of our workers working in OIZs will be eliminated ”.

Gul stated that another area with 50 thousand residences is planned for the KÜSGET region in Şahinbey.

  • Transportation projects

Gül pointed out that 2,5 million people are transported by air in Gaziantep a year, but the current airport and its surroundings are not sufficient for the city, which is growing day by day, and stated that they are planning a new international airport for Gaziantep.

They give special attention to the transportation problem in the city of Gaziantep explaining to do in this regard Pink speed train line, the railway town of Turkey's attracted a lot of attention instead they connect.

“High speed train in 8 cities around the world is coming to Gaziantep. Saying that we will establish a high-speed train line from Gaziantep to Adana, Osmaniye, Mersin, Karaman, Konya, Ankara and Istanbul, Gül continued his speech as follows:

“All our preparations for this have been completed. Hopefully, in a short time, the people of Gaziantep will aspire to salute from here to Mevlana, from there to Hacı Bayram and then to Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Our citizens from Istanbul or Ankara will also come to Gaziantep very comfortably and visit our Zeugma and Karkamış. We hope that our tourism potential will increase 3-5 times. "

Gül stated that they will introduce the transportation in the city to the high speed train and stated that the "Gaziray Project" has been developed in this context.

Gul said that the existing railway line in the city would be converted into an 25 kilometer metro line and high-speed subways would be installed.

Stating that they will turn the existing railway line into a metro line, Gül said, “We will buy the high-speed metro set. This is not too expensive anyway. After that, it remains to build a metro station. Actually, these stations are also a big cost, but our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said, 'I will undertake it so that the transportation problem of Gaziantep is solved'. Fatma also started tenders. I hope we will transport more than 100 thousand people a day with Gaziray when it is completed. This line will extend from the organized industrial zone to the small industrial site. But we will integrate the line with the tram in the city, ”he said.

  • Health investments

Pointing out that studies will be carried out in Gaziantep in the field of health that will appeal to the region, Gül said, “We will build the Gaziantep City Hospital in the Karataş region. It will have a full thousand 875 beds. This investment was actually in our plan before, but the reason for its delay was the Council of State, saying 'There is no need here, why will you build a city hospital'. There has been a delay due to the annulment decisions, but now we have talked with our Minister of Health, there are no legal problems. "It will be done to Karataş."

Stating that they had promises for the Perilikaya Crossroads before, Gül stated that all legal preparations for this hospital have been made, tenders have been completed and they will start construction as of June 1.

"We will pierce the mountains of Amanos"

Abdulhamit Gül emphasized that industrialists are working to increase their competitiveness and that they will pierce the Amanos Mountains and Gaziantep will open to the Mediterranean. “We will pierce the mountain of 24 kilometers in total. In this way, our industrialists will be able to get their goods to the market faster ”.

Pointing out that the unemployment rate in Gaziantep is 6,5 percent, Gül pointed out that there are 9 OIZs in the city center and its districts and stated that they will implement the new OIZ as Şahinbey-Polateli Organized Industrial Zone, thus opening the door to 100 thousand people.

The Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep and the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, together with the 500 million pounds of the Düzbağ Dam Project reminded Gul, reminded that they aim to provide the public with the opportunity to consume clean and cheap water when the project is completed.

Rose, the city will be used by young people to create new sports halls to host international events 3 thousand people will be held in the congress and cultural center, he added.

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