Swiss Federal Railways will pay the new railway staff salary

📩 03/12/2018 17:40

Swiss Federal Railways will pay the new railroad staff's salary with grass: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) set up a new 'unit' to prevent the stone clusters on the edge of the rails from covering the grass growing in the spring and summer. He hired four-legged, woolly, and a slightly hungry group of 'staff' to prevent the grassy areas next to the sets to be 'controlled' and reach the rails.

The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), who refrained from damaging the train tracks, but also avoiding damaging the green areas, employed the 80 Skudde sheep to 'mow' grass in the mountainous areas that their staff could not reach.

On the SBB website, the qualities of sheep are highly praised. Grazing sheep in a field of 10-20 per day in an area of ​​square meters of grass. There is no need to give a supervisor the sheep who sleep for two hours a day.


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